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Early Morning in Soho

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(Splurgeworthy) Paige leather pants that go with literally everything and are edgier than black jeans, and a scarf that I pinned to make a sash. Rest of outfit (choker, boots) is Zara.

la mercerie.jpg

If you google Roman and Williams Guild, you’ll fine the tagline “Design, French Food and Flowers.” Um can you think of a better combination? I dare you. This Soho gem was the perfect place to meet photographer, Caitee Smith, for the first time.  I’m a bit of a micromanager and also pretty obsessive compulsive which does not make for the most easy to work with wannabe blogger girlfriend (sorry babe, I swear I didn’t mean to almost push you in front of a taxi for cutting off my feet in a picture) so I started looking for an affordable professional whose style I thought was similar to mine. After a bit of digging around the internet, I landed upon Caitee and we set up a time to meet for outfit and scenery pics at Roman and Williams.

la mercerie open.jpg
la mercerie 2.jpg

Roman and Williams features gorgeous industrial influenced furniture, floral “sculptures” by Emily Thompson, and a cafe called La Mercerie.  Also, I love a good dark painted wall. Did you know I tried to paint my bedroom in my old Chelsea apartment a deep teal? I thought I could save money by doing it myself and ended up spending an entire 12 months in a room with paint marks in random spots including the floor and ceiling. Never again.

flowers 2.jpg
mercerie 4.jpg
food 3.jpg

Peach tart and baby blinis (Russian pancakes) with smoked salmon and creme fraiche

mercerie 5.jpg
horiz details.jpg
mercerie outside.jpg
top vertical.jpg
horiz street.jpg

I'm still getting the hang of mixing photos that set the scene. I'm trying to do a combination of street photos, archetictural details, food, and outfit so I can really capture my experiences. It's just really hard to see professionals like Egg Canvas do such a great job with their websites and not get a bit jealous. I keep telling myself it takes time to improve yourself and I should enjoy the journey, not just the results. As a perfectionist, it's hard but hopefully expressing these anxieties will help too.