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I'm Moving to Dumbo!


Dan and I officially closed on an apartment in DUMBO, Brooklyn and I'm moving in 12 hours!!! I remember arriving in NYC after graduating college and vowing to never leave Manhattan. Now that's what I call young, foolish and naive.

After 4 apartments in 4 years, I've finally decided to call it quits and make the huge move to what I once deemed a haven for hipsters and hip moms. But then again it's also home to quiet neighborhoods, SPACE and overall less grit and grime than Manhattan. Oh and of course, there's the fact that my style icon, Olivia Palermo, will be my neighbor. (I swear I didn't move to there just to stalk her and her dog in Brooklyn Bridge Park).


I can't wait to move in with Dan, get a corgi named Bob (eventually), have picnics on the DUMBO waterfront where you can get the best views of Manhattan without actually having to smell Manhattan, and last but not least, redecorating!

I took a style quiz from Havenly, an app that pairs you with interior designers who can create your space online. The quiz was surprisingly accurate - this go-around, I'm trying to channel Scandinavian minimalism with hints of nature sprinkled throughout the apartment. I'm thinking a charcoal gray sectional, lots of plants, and a simple white desk. Basically I just want my new place to be a sanctuary of simplicity and somewhere I can just zen out and relax.

Obviously before and after photos to come soon.