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Paris Part 2


Palais Royale Zara everything, literally: Zara skirt, Zara Sweatshirt, Zara boots. Outfit for under $150, hell yea Zara


One of our favorite parts of the trip was a walking tour of Montmartre by Discover Walks Paris. It was totally free though tips are encouraged (we gave $20 at the end of the tour). Our guide, Florent aka Feefo, was HILARIOUS. Dan and I had the time of our lives listening to all the interesting history behind this neighborhood that was once home to Picasso, Renoir, Monet and Van Gogh. Seriously a must do if you're ever a Paris.


Best steak in town is at Robert et Louise, a no fuss and no thrills restaurant in the trendy Le Marais neighborhood. 1/2 their menu consists of various cuts of beef so it's pretty clear what they're experts in. All the steaks are tossed on an open fire grill that you can actually see on your way to their cellar downstairs where we ate. 

The Eiffel Tower does a fantastic light show from sunset to 1AM for the first 5 minutes of every hour. We had planned on finishing dinner around 10:30PM and heading over for the 11PM show but things took longer than expected and Dan was eating like he had all the time in the world. After death staring him during his last bites of steak and potatoes, he finally got the hint and we sprinted to the Eiffel Tower. Traveling really does bring people closer together doesn't it?

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