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Renwick Visit in DC


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Since being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder about three years ago, I've become almost consumed by the idea of anxiety. I'm constantly checking to see whether or not my chest is constricted, whether or not my heart is racing, etc. This past week, I decided to ban the word anxiety for one month (sans for this blog post :) I realized by constantly discussing my anxiety, I was actually making things worse. Even my boyfriend noticed that it wasn't until he started dating me that he ever even thought about anxiety. And just a few weeks ago, I wrote an entire post on it.

Let me tell you, it's done wonders. It's enabled me to focus on the positive moments in life, like

  • the bliss of seeing my baby nephews this weekend
  • the satisfaction of cooking my favorite Thanksgiving sides (six sticks of butter included)
  • the comfort of spending a whole day watching Netflix in our home theatre
  • the joy of finally visiting the Renwick Gallery in DC
  • and walking around Georgetown when it's a crisp 61 degrees (my idea of perfect weather)

Now whenever I find myself feeling anxious, I stop myself from saying it outloud and force myself talk to about anything else. At first it was hard to not acknowledge my feelings, but after a few days, I found the time between noticing a twinge of anxiety and changing the subject to something else getting shorter and shorter. I've become more accustomed to letting a moment of anxiety pass rather than letting it overwhelm me.