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Happy Friday!


I'm super excited to see Yayoi Kusama’s exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery this weekend. I’ve been dying to experience Infinity Mirrors and since the artist is approaching her 90’s, this might literally be my last chance. The gallery’s doors open at 10am so I’m hoping that if I arrive at 9am, I’ll be one of the first inside.

This past week, I started working out and eating healthy again. I somehow gained 15 pounds this year (20 if you compare to my post break-up weight). Oh the wonders that a new relationship does to your body. Who needs a nice body when you have a nice boyfriend? Still debating whether I’d rather be happy and fat or anxious and skinny. In the meantime, I’m cutting out carbs and doing lots of SoulCycle and yoga. Wish me luck.

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