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Happy Friday!

Screen Shot 2015-02-05 at 9.24.13 PM Snowmaggedon round 2 is coming to New York on Sunday so I'm going to squeeze all the weekend fun into one jam-packed Saturday. I'll be shooting a few style photos, trying out Bluestone Collective Cafe in West Village, and eating barbeque at Miss Korea. Hope you all have a sunnier weekend than mine.

My favorite links this week:

A photo cool series on New Yorkers' dinner habits

Stunning shoes 

And another great pair of heels if you're a size 40, which I am not :'(

Is that sale item worth the tailoring? Find out here.

Amazing deal on movies

Raw vegan never looked so delicious

Woah. Picasso might upend the art market.

Do your shoes scream stylish and wealthy or nice and boring?

Photo by Cher Bai