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Less is More

If you're an active follower of my Instagram, you might remember the photo in which I'm donning an O'2nd tweed coat that I got from Bergdorf's. To tell you the truth, the coat looked oh-so-good in photos, but in reality resembled $600 of plastic-like fabric. It was so synthetically made that whenever I crossed my arms, minute wrinkles would appear along the shoulders and stay there until I steamed the entire thing.

Although I ended up returning it, I still loved the idea of a grey masculine-cut coat and began scanning every online store for a similar style. I searched through hundreds of pages of Zara, Mango, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's, name it. Some coats were the perfect shade of heather grey, but lacked the modern minimalist shape I sought. Others possessed a great silhouette but only came in black or camel or any other color but grey.

Then one slow morning before the work day started, I decided, "What the hell? Let's see what Forever 21 has to offer." Yes, that teenage store with mocks of runway looks and overwhelmingly low prices (and usually low quality). But! I discovered this luscious grey coat with a detachable fur lining for a covetable $60. Aka one-tenth the cost of that Bergdorf's number. And the Forever 21 coat not only fit my body perfectly, but also felt so much softer.

I don't deny that some items are worth the splurge (nothing keeps me warmer than my Moncler down coat), but never sacrifice your standards of quality just because the price tag values the item highly.