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Alternative Valentine's Dates

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An elegant dinner in the city can feel pretty boring after a while so I've come up with five date ideas for couples looking to do something a bit out-of-the-box this Valentine's Day.

1. Museum of Natural History Romance Under the Stars 

  • Imagine sipping on champagne and holding your partner's hand under one of the largest planetariums in the world. Picture learning the constellations of our night sky as told by the love stories behind them while beautiful jazz renditions play in the background. Does it get any more romantic than that? Ugh I die.

2. Valentine's Day Cruise

  • Dinner and dancing might sound a bit cliche, but when your partner is twirling you on a yacht sailing along the Hudson, it feels dreamy and glamorous. A bunch of different cruise lines offer Valentine's cruise packages ranging from $90 to $150 per person. Try Spirit Cruises, Viator, or Bateaux New York.

3. Sleep No More

  • This is all my friends have been talking about lately. Think drunk Shakespeare meets Whose Line Is It Anyways. You show up to a warehouse in Chelsea titled "The McKittrick Hotel," where you're part of an unscripted version of Macbeth. You run around following actors into mysteriously dark and cluttered rooms and supposedly you have no idea what's going on half the time, but it's all part of the fun! Trust me, it sounds weird, but it's like so New York right now.

4. Couple's Spa Day

  • No worries if you prefer some tranquility with your special sweetheart on Valentine's Day. There are a million spas that offer couple's packages but my favorites have to be the Mandarin Oriental for an ultra-luxurious (albeit ultra-pricey) experience, Ease NY if you're looking for Asian massage therapy on a budget, and Ohm for something that's a bit in-between.

5. Museum of Modern Art Tour

  • My most beloved museum is offering couples a candlelit wine reception with hors d'eourves followed by a private group tour of the museum. Wouldn't you feel super cultured and special seeing the amazing works of Monet, Rothko and Klimt (also known as my three favorite artists:) while the museum is closed off to the public?

Photo by Gemma Correll