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Climate Change

I'm one of those people who turns the dial to 90 degrees and calls it comfortably warm. I dream of mild California weather and cashmere sweaters that don't need to be layered over a long-sleeve tee and under a heavy duty winter coat. But alas, I chose to live in the city that never sleeps, where blizzards shut down subways and evacuate streets, but also let me work from home for a day :)

Residing in a cold climate doesn't mean sacrificing on color, comfort, and all those other things that come with the nice weather territory though. My bold red corduroys, which have faded to a raspberry tone, make the dreary winter months feel a little more cheerful. I wrapped a fuchsia and crimson infinity scarf several times around my neck, keeping my hair tucked in for extra warmth, while a stone colored wool Burberry coat, layered atop a turtleneck added even more insulation.

I'll admit I underestimated how cold my feet would get in my black loafers, so I was lucky that this was more of a cab-to-door kind of day. Otherwise, I would've worn over-the-knee boots to protect my soles.

How do you guys keep warm in the blistering wintertime? Do you still wear bright colors even during these very grey and gruesome days?

P.S. Another way to keep your hair tucked in