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Playing with Fashion


It's common to rely on the same little black dress to get you through life. I, myself, can often be found donning the same uniform (black jeans and a plain knit sweater accessorized with a necklace) weekend after weekend. It's like your favorite blankie when you were a kid or a mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter day: your go-to outfit just feels so comfortable and easy.

But 2015 is a new year, which means new habits and new goals. I'm making a resolution to stop putting on the same old tried-and-true outfit and start having more fun with my fashion choices. This doesn't mean you have to throw away your favorite pieces altogether. In this look, I'm still wearing my favorite J. Brand high waisted black skinny jeans, but I also incorporate several different prints that make the outfit more interesting.

The tweed and leather mixed media coat (Milly) and the snakeskin loafers (Steve Madden) have completely contrasting textures but pair perfectly in their shared color palette. My favorite part of the outfit has to be the "Evil Eye" silver crossbody bag from Diane Von Furstenburg. It's the perfect example of playful fashion and ups the coolness factor in any look.

P.S. I'm so lucky to have the cutest guy in the world take my pictures. Only he could get a smile as genuine as the one in the last photo :)

Where to wear? Shopping in Soho (always always always wear flats when shopping!); brunch at Sarabeth's,