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Havana Holiday


Obama announced today a “normalization” of relations with Cuba today after almost 50 years of the island’s isolation. He’s now set to speak with Congress about lifting the embargo on Cuba, which has been in place since Fidel Castro and his fellow communist rebels took over the country in 1961.

What does this mean for you though? Americans might finally get to travel to the biggest island in the Caribbean, which was once an enclave of U.S. tourists seeking gorgeous beaches, fancy cigars, and fancier casinos. (Right now it takes special visas, family ties to Cuba or certain student cultural programs to visit the country).

In the spirit of Cuban revival, here are a few pieces that would be perfect for a Havana getaway. And just in case that doesn’t happen for a while, they also work for St. Barth’s, Anguilla, St. Lucia and all the other gazillion Caribbean islands out there.