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Scalini Fedeli: The Perfect Date Night Restaurant

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A crowded room lit mostly with dim candles. Tables topped with a single rose in a tiny crystal glass. Warm, comforting Italian food with endless complimentary dishes by the Chef. This is what makes the perfect romantic night out for two.

Unfortunately taking pictures in mute lighting while swooning over the guy sitting across the table also makes for poor quality photographs. Nevertheless, I wanted to showcase some of the best Italian food I've tasted in Manhattan.

Located in Tribeca, Scalini Fedeli features a prix fixe/$75 per person menu with plenty of additional seasonal specialties. I started with a classic: a single gigantic soft egg yolk ravioli (or if you're more sophisticated, a raviolo) with ricotta and truffle butter. If you're a runny egg yolk lover, then you have to get this. My boyfriend, Dan, had a whole lobster tail  served over this tiny orzo-like pasta with truffled scallops on the side (also to die for).

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For my entree, I ordered the cod fish Milanese (top), which was served on top of escarole (a paler and less bitter endive) and alongside melt-in-your-mouth ricotta gnocchi. It's perfect if you're looking for a light, flaky fish. I, on the other hand, was ravenous that night so I spent more time stealing bites of Dan's HUGE parmesan encrusted pork chop (bottom).

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My favorite part had to be the numerous dishes that were compliments of the chef. There was the petite porcini mushroom ravioli amuse bouche that we began our meals with. Then the olive oil infused foccacia served in addition to pretzel rolls and walnut raisin bread. There was also the marscarpone sorbetto, which cleansed our satisfied palates before we proceeded to scarf down ricotta doughnuts, hazelnut gelato, and warm chocolate torte.

So if you're looking to stuff yourselves silly with silky Italian food and get cozy holding hands with your partner 10 inches away from another couple doing the same thing, then this place is perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you or your date doesn't love gargantuan amounts of food or extremely intimate settings, then you might want to look somewhere else (say Perry St?)