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Personalized Presents


Whether it's a monogrammed Burberry blanket scarf (they're sooo in this season) or a birthstone ring, personalized goods give you that warm fuzzy feeling. You know the same one you get when your mom takes care of you when you're sick or when you receive an unexpected happy birthday message from a distant friend who you thought had forgotten about your very existence? It makes you feel like you matter. Like you're special.

I love the idea of giving a monogrammed or personalized gift for the holidays. For a childhood best friend, try a locket with a picture  of the two of you from when you first met. For a girlfriend or wife, give a bracelet with the coordinates of your first date. Our super awesome moms deserve something extravagant (budget permitting). This monogrammed Fendi 2jours tote could carry all the band aids and tissues and snacks that these superheroes seem to always have on hand.

Burberry poncho photo by People