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Who else can't wait for Serial?

A new episode of Serial is tomorrow and everyone in my office has marked their calendars for this gripping podcast.

For those of you living under a rock, Serial is a murder-mystery podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. Sarah investigates the death of Hae Min Lee, a Baltimore high school senior, whose body was found in a local park in 1999. Her ex-boyfriend, Adnan, was arrested and convicted of murder after his supposed friend, Jay, accuses him of killing her and asking for Jay’s help in burying the body. Adnan, however, has denied his involvement in her death to this very day.

The best (and sadly worst) part is that it’s all true. Adnan is currently in a Maryland county prison and hopes that Sarah’s investigation will prove his innocence.

*Now stop reading! SPOILERS AHEAD*


Okay, can we all agree that Adnan is innocent? I'm 100% Team Adnan, as is the rest of my office- we're thinking of starting a rally to support his appeals case. Jay is definitely sketchy as hell (uh who forgets where they've seen a dead body for the first time?!) and he was probably involved the murder, and not just burial, of Hae. Some people think Adnan is some sociopath who's conned us all into thinking he's this warm, lovable dude...but I'm pretty sure he's just an innocent guy who's had to grow up in a county prison since the age of 17. So yeah, some of the things he says are kind of quirky and odd but it's kinda difficult acting like a normal social being when you're practically a prison baby.

Other things I have qualms with:

  • Various people, including Adnan, himself, proclaim that he and Jay weren't very good friends. Who calls a casual acquaintance to bury someone they'd just murdered??
  • Jay's story was totally confusing and self-contradicting. He also once stabbed someone because the guy had "never been stabbed before" remember?? Now that's a real psychopath.
  • 21 minutes to get out of a high school parking lot (those things were seriously SO crowded), drive to Best Buy, kill someone, put her body in a trunk and then call up your bud to bury her body?? If Adnan wasn't in jail, I'd say he could be an Olympic sprinter.
  • Jenn..also sketchy. I bet she and Jay were definitely in cohorts, whether it was murdering Hae or just making up some huge lie about how Adnan murdered Hae.