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Meet My Photographer


I met Anna on the first day of sixth grade back when I was living in Arizona, where the school year began in blistering hot July. We bonded over our crazy ethnic parents, our love for pizza (we once ate an entire DiGiorno's pizza by ourselves), and gossiping about the other students in our class. When I moved to DC and she moved to Minnesota a few years later, we remained friends through plenty of long distance calls, texts and emails. Then one day, I got a call from her and it went a little something like this:

Me: "Did you get in?"

Anna: "Did you get in??"

Me: "You go first."

Anna: "I'm going to guess that you got in since I don't hear you crying."

Me: "Yeah I did, did you..."

Anna: "YES"

A bunch of screaming followed. We had both been accepted to our dream school, Penn, where we'd finally be reunited after 5 years apart.

Today, Anna remains my best friend. The one I call first when I'm heartbroken or when I've received great news or when I just need someone to talk to. So of course she was also the first one I asked to photograph my fashion shoots for this blog.

Anna also has amazing style herself. She owns a billion hats. She's not afraid of new things. She's been to Paris, Macau, and Hong Kong all just to learn more about the fashion and retail industry. And she has her own blog, if you're interested in a more editorial take on fashion.


I asked Anna a bunch of questions on her style this weekend, and here's what she had to say:

What trend would you never try? What trend do you wish you could pull off but can't? A: I would never wear sneaker wedges. It just sounds like an oxymoron. I wish I could pull off a pixie cut but unfortunately I was blessed with a giant head. I'm also not brave enough to chop all my hair off because you have to keep the pixie for a long time and growing it out is sort of awkward although I do admire the look.

What's your go-to outfit or uniform when you don't have time to think about what you're wearing? A: Black skinny jeans, a black or navy tank top, my adored maroon hat, and loafers or ankle boots (I will never call them booties)

Tell me about your hat obsession. When and how did it start? A: I love hats and shoes. As my mom says, it's all about how you present yourself from top to bottom. I guess my first love encounter with hats was in elementary school when I decided that baseball caps were the most functional items of clothing I owned. That slowly transformed into an unique expression of style, which I think can be a challenge for some to develop.

Perfect first date outfit? A: My go-to outfit. You should always be comfortable on a first date.

If I gave you $10 to go shopping, how would you spend it? $100? $1000? A: $10: Porter magazine $100: a great haircut $1000: Gianvito Rossi pumps, Everlane loafers, Hermès Jour d'Hermès, Burberry Lip Glow in Sweat Pea, & a great coffee table book

How did you find the Paris Wharton fashion trip compared to the Asia one? Tell me about the differences in style. A: Paris was reserved. The style was classic and expected elegance. Like the constantly changing modernity of Asia, Hong Kong, Macau and Shanghai's fashion was adventurous and bold. It was feminine but in a modern way which I adored.

What fashion item do you think is a classic staple but others see as a trend? A: Shoulder pads