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Thanksgiving Edition: Sweet Potatoes, 3 Ways

Yesterday I was told "You're in charge of food for Thanksgiving." Me? The gal who's spent her entire life solely responsible for one dish (stuffing) during this holiday? "It's for 9 people," my boyfriend continued. What does 9 people even mean though? How much food are you supposed to prepare when it's 9 people? I can't even properly portion out food for myself let alone NINE people.

Nevertheless, I accepted the challenge and began scouring the internet for recipes. I filtered out anything that wasn't rated above 4 stars by at least a few dozen people. My end results: 2 stuffing dishes, 1 classic green bean casserole, 1 brussel sprouts w/ hot pancetta recipe, and the smashed potatoes casserole I posted last week.

But when it comes to the sweet potato dish, I'm still immensely torn between sweet or savory, light or buttery, classic or modern. Here are three recipes I'm still deciding between. They all look so delicious so please don't be surprised if all three end up on my dinner table next Thursday.

First is this classic southern sweet potato casserole topped with cornflakes and marshmallows: sweet-potato-casserole-sl-x

Or I could try a lighter version that leaves out those heavy toppings: FN_Sweet-Potato-Casserole_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni18col

I could also go savory and make this crispy sweet potato roast topped with olive oil and salt and pepper:crispy-sweet-potato-roast