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Thanksgiving Edition: Stuffing, 3 Ways

Thanksgivings with my family involve one brother-in-law magically taking care of the turkey, the green bean casserole, the mashed potatoes, the sweet potato fries (it's a our little tradition :), the dinner rolls, the homemade gravy, and TWO different kinds of from-scratch pies. But the stuffing? Leave the stuffing to me. Because there is no true love like the one between me and stuffing. Starve me for a week and I could possibly eat an entire dish of stuffing by myself. So in continuance with our Thanksgiving series, I present to all you lovely readers three mouthwatering stuffing recipes.

First, this gorgeous tart cherry and toasted pecan stuffing:


This hearty cornbread, bacon, leek and pecan stuffing:


And finally, this vegetarian-friendly challah and cremini mushroom stuffing: