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Black: A Lesson in Textiles

I can't sleep with the lights off. Not even a nightlight suffices for my immense fear of the dark. On nights where I've seen a scary preview for a horror movie, I'll go the extra mile to calm my fears and keep the blinding halogen ceiling light on as well.

It's funny that I'm so scared of the dark because my wardrobe is mostly a sea of black. I might actually be afraid of color when it comes to dressing myself. Like my closet, it can be easy to look lost in a puddle of darkness when donning an all-black outfit.

In order to avoid looking like you were picked out of a box of Crayola crayons, opt for a diverse ensemble of textiles when wearing monochrome. I intermixed a lace sweatshirt with high-waisted leather pants, suede ankle boots, and a twill cape. The cape silhouette shows off softness of the lace, which also happens to balance the ruggedness of the leather. A single piece of gold jewelry enhances the darkness it juxtaposes.

Special thanks to my best friend since the first day of 6th grade, Anna Chen, for photographing this shoot. Please check out her lovely blog, with fascinating coverage on runway style, fashion campaigns and the retail industry @beyondtherunways.