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Barbuzzo, I Love You

Ratings Summary:

  • Chicken liver foie-mousse: 8/10
  • Cheeseboard: 6.5/10
  • Vesuvio pasta: 7/10
  • Pera pizza: 10/10
  • Salted caramel budino: 20/10
  • Pumpkin tiramisu: 10/10
  • Uovo pizza (not featured): 10/10
  • Caciocavallo stuffed meatballs (not featured): 10/10

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It took me two bites to fall in love with Barbuzzo. My boyfriend and I visited the place during Penn's homecoming and we vowed to return as often as possible after discovering this tiny enclave in downtown Philadelphia. While the place describes itself as Mediterranean, I think of it more as southern coastal Italian food.

You have to try the pera pizza, which features red bartlett pears, gorgonzola, parmesan, arugula, prosciutto, toasted walnuts and vin cotto. This pizza is the perfect example of why sweet and savory will always be my favorite flavor palette. This was also the first time I'd ever tried vin cotto, which tasted like a delicate and sweet balsamic vinegar.

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The dish that stole the entire show, however, was the Budino, Barbuzzo's signature dessert (left). I literally could not stop declaring "This is SO good" while eating this Italian version of custard. Barbuzzo serves it perfectly with a dark chocolate crust and vanilla bean caramel. The added sea salt in the dish really brings out the rest of the flavors.

I felt a little basic when I ordered the pumpkin pie tiramisu (right), but alas, a little basicness was well worth this fall special.