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Salad Vending Machine

Would you eat salad that came from a vending machine? What if it was only a dollar? What if it was made of farm-fresh ingredients like kale and strawberries, and served in a cute little plastic mason jar?

28-year-old Luke Saunders created Farmer's Fridge, which distributes Chop't and Sweetgreen level salads like "The Body Builder" which has organic spinach, chickpeas, parmesan, local corn, local peas, organic quinoa, figs, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and lemon tahini dressing. All for $1. A salad like this at Fresh&Co would retail for at least $9 so that's really saying something.

Saunders wanted to deliver healthy food options to low-income neighborhoods, where residents commonly rely on unhealthy and inexpensive fast food options like McDonald's when they're hungry. I admire the idea, but think his business could improve its profitability ($1 for an all organic salad probably doesn't produce the highest margins) by expanding to wealthier areas, where people would be willing to pay a lot more than a dollar for a high quality salad.

Images courtesy of The Atlantic