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Glamorous Dresses

My boyfriend's birthday is next Friday, which means a fancy dinner on me (for once...) and an occasion to get dolled up in a beautiful dress and heels. I ordered these three dresses last night and I'm head-over-heels in love with all of them :) Good thing we're also celebrating with his friends on Saturday. Now if I could just extend the birthday hoopla to one more nice outing, I wouldn't have to choose between these lovely ensembles.

This Solace London dress is so minimalist and sexy, but I'm not sure I have the body (aka the boobs) to pull it off

I love this wintry white Topshop dress. Anything with jeweled details and feathered fringe is a win in my book.

Or I could opt for something that's a bit in-between. Soft yet sheer lace make this Lovers & Friends dress both feminine and edgy.