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Happy birthdays

I've always emphasized the importance of celebrations. They give life to days that might otherwise be meaningless. So when my two best friends, Tiffany and Amanda, decided to jointly host their birthdays with a wide circle of old friends from college, I honestly couldn't think of any better way to spend the weekend. We kicked-off the night with Magnolia's red velvet cake, champagne, and Double Cross vodka.

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photo 3

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Then we checked out a new club in Tribeca called Haus. Physical venue was nice although the crowd was a little dull. Still, tables were spacious, bottle prices were reasonable, and they even threw in a flaming birthday "cake" parade complete with Grey Goose and Moet :)

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Afterwards, we cabbed over to K-town where we ate lots of Korean barbeque spicy pork belly.

Finally, I had an old-school style sleepover at Amanda's, where I slept on a futon sofa and Tiffany slept on an air mattress. We had intimate discussions about careers and friendships before falling asleep at almost 6 in the morning!!

We woke up late the next day and met up with everyone again to eat Shanghai style juicy buns (we had 6 stacks of 8 buns!). I also snuck in an ice cream cone from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory. Is there anything better than pumpkin pie ice cream? Maybe the taro underneath :)

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They were some of the best twenty-four hours of my life. And bonus points for no hangover :)