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What personality type do you have?

According to the Meyers-Briggs test, there are 16 different personality types, which can be broken down into four categories: analysts, diplomats, sentinels, and explorers. This interactive site gives you a full-fledged description of how your personality type translates into your friendships, relationships, and even career. It was freakishly accurate for me surprisingly.

According to the test, I'm an ESFP, an explorer by nature. I like attention- very true. I like style and aesthetics- very true. And I like to socialize and have fun over planning out long-term goals- eh, pretty true, which makes me a bit worried about my future...

While I'm good at focusing on the here-and-now, I have difficulties paying attention and realizing the potential consequences of my spontaneity. In relationships, I'm down-to-earth, kind, and affectionate, but I'm also always second-doubting my commitment (very true unfortunately but something I'm working on :). Typical career paths for an ESFP include fashion/design, travel, and consulting. Does this mean I should leave finance and blog for a living ;)