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Fall Movies: Gone Girl


Have you seen Gone Girl? You know the movie that everyone is talking about. If you haven't, then please go see it when you have 149 minutes to spare because this film is absolutely breathtaking.  No I mean literally, physically, breathtaking. As in I was gasping out loud for breath during some of the more intense scenes while simultaneously clutching my boyfriend's arm and whispering "This bitch is cray." Another one of my friends apparently shouted out loud "What the fuck is happening?!" when she saw it. It's okay though; I'm sure no one in the theatre judged her because I'm also sure that they were all asking themselves the same thing.

Apparently I was so engrossed in the plot (twists) of the movie that I failed to notice Ben Affleck displaying his best assets in one scene?!? How did I miss this?

*Editor's Note* 20 minutes after publishing this post, my roommate came home and said "I just saw Gone Girl. It was SO good."